Aerial Drone Thermal Inspections

Aerial Drone Thermal Inspections

We can capture detailed thermal images using our thermal drone - 

The data collected can identify both high and low temperature heat signatures on the asset highlighting any areas of concern. 

Visual inspections alone can sometimes miss important faults.

Some examples for use of a thermal drone inspections may be:-

  1. Solar farms - Identifying issues on solar panels such as dirty shaded areas, poor performing solar panels and identifying general faults or interconnecting issues.
  2. Wind Turbines - Identify issues on the critical components on the high value structures.
  3. Roof Inspections - Identifying water ingress, leak areas and identify any clear signs of heat loss wasting energy.
  4. Building inspections - Identify any clear signs of heat loss wasting precious energy.
  5. Factories - Poorly insulated tanks, pipe work, steam leaks cooking systems areas where you may be losing your valuable energy.

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